DIY & Full Service Premium HVAC Air Filters

Mail-Order Filters—DIY Savings!

Save big with our Mail-Order Filter program! Have superior quality filters delivered direct to your door and enjoy significant savings by handling the installation yourself. We provide the necessary instructions tailored to your HVAC unit to make the process seamless.

Choose from single packs for immediate needs or bulk packs of six to prepare for the future—all at considerable discounts. Our streamlined service ensures you receive the right filter when you need it, without extra trips to the store.

Each filter is chosen for its high efficiency and ability to adapt to different living spaces. Our selection includes various MERV ratings to capture particles of all sizes, capturing everything from common dust to the smallest allergens.

Embrace the DIY spirit while maintaining premium indoor air quality. With our Aerostar Pleated Air Filters, you can expect an optimal balance of home comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Full-Service Filter Replacement

Elevate your convenience with our Full-Service Filter Replacement Service! In just a couple of hours, our skilled technician will arrive with the ideal filter for your HVAC system, ready to perform the replacement quickly and efficiently.

For only the cost of the filter plus a $30 service fee, say goodbye to the guesswork and manual effort of filter installation. We handle everything, ensuring your system runs smoothly with optimal air quality.

During our visit, we’ll also conduct a visual inspection of your HVAC system and provide expert advice if we notice signs that additional service may be beneficial. Our goal isn’t just to replace your filter—it’s to safeguard your comfort and wellbeing with impeccable air quality and system performance.

Take advantage of this premium service and let our dedicated professionals take care of your HVAC needs. Quality filters, expert fitment, and the ultimate convenience are just an appointment away.

Choosing the right MERV rating
  • It’s important to choose a MERV rating that meets your specific needs without putting excessive strain on your HVAC system.
  • Higher MERV ratings can restrict airflow and make the system work harder, leading to increased energy costs and potential system damage if not compatible.
  • Generally, MERV 13 is about as high as you can go for most residential systems without requiring modifications for increased airflow.
  • We carry the most common MERV 8 & 11 household filters on our trucks for quick deliveries.
  • Higher MERV rated filters may be special ordered by contacting us.

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Showing all 6 results