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Upgrade Your Old HVAC System With Our HVAC Replacement Services in Santa Clara, CA

If you have a faulty HVAC unit or you are just tired of your old system, give us a call and we’ll replace it for you. If you are not sure if your old HVAC system needs a replacement, call us and we will provide you with a free consultation. In the last 25 years, we at AP Systems have helped hundreds of families with our AC replacement and HVAC replacement services, always ensuring that you are satisfied with the results.

Invest in Your Property And Get an HVAC Replacement With Us

Owning a home is owning an asset in which you should invest. Invest wisely in your comfort and the value of your home with a fully renewed HVAC replacement. If you are not sure if you need an HVAC replacement, here are some advantages to take into consideration: 

  • Increase resale value
  • Be more comfortable in your own home
  • Get a noiseless air conditioning system
  • Your old system could allow carbon monoxide into your home
  • Increase energy efficiency

Learn More About our HVAC Replacement Services

Want to talk directly with an AC replacement agent to start your transition into a new system as soon as possible? Call us today at (408) 733-2000 and our experts will be more than happy to provide you with a free consultation for all of your required services while also guiding you to get the best options for your home and your budget. Your Comfort is our Business.

Exclusive Rebates for Your New Energy-Efficient Water Heater!

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Your comfort is our business

As a trusted partner in maintaining your home’s optimal climate, A&P is thrilled to bring you some energizing news that’s certain to warm up your day!

🔥 Upgrade and Save: California’s Hot Rebate Program is Here! 🔥

Free Heat Pump Water Heater

The State of California is committed to fostering a brighter, greener future for all its residents. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Tech Clean California program’s incredible incentives aimed at homeowners like you, who are ready to shift to a more eco-friendly heating system.

🌟 Get Your FREE High-Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heater! 🌟

Yes, you read that right! Through this amazing statewide incentive, you can upgrade your current water heating system to a high-efficiency heat pump water heater—absolutely FREE! We’re talking about rebates up to $8,000 for making the switch from gas to electric. This is a golden opportunity to embrace sustainability, boost your home’s value, and enjoy significant energy savings.

But wait—there’s more:

🌞 Extra $2,000 Bonus for Silicon Valley and San Mateo County Residents! 🌞

If you’re residing in Silicon Valley or San Mateo County, including Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, and San Mateo, your reward just got sweeter! Claim an additional $2,000 rebate exclusively for our local customers.

👉 [Schedule Your Free In-Home Consultation] 👈

Ready to heat up your savings? Here’s how you can get started:

Our skilled team of HVAC experts is eager to guide you through the process and ensure that your transition to a greener heating system is seamless and rewarding.

Please note:

  • This rebate program is exclusively for gas system replacements, not new installations.
  • Availability is limited, and conditions apply.

As your reliable HVAC specialists in Campbell, CA, serving San Jose and surrounding cities, we’re committed to delivering top-notch service and satisfaction. Your comfort is our business, and we can’t wait to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

Warm regards,

Mark Frydland
-Owner Air & Plumbing Systems Inc.

P.S. Hurry and book your consultation today—rebates like this don’t last forever, and we want you to reap the full benefits. Let’s make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient together!

Get you a new FREE heat pump water heater!
Yep! Get a new high efficiency heat pump water heater for free! Rebates are available up to $8000. Get your free high efficiency heat pump water heater when you upgrade from gas to electric. Call us today or arrange for a free in-home estimate

*This program is only good for replacements not for new installations.
*Silicon Valley and San Mateo County customers get extra $2000 rebate. (Los Gatos, sunnyvale, San Mateo)

Get The Best Price Available Paired With Expertise When You Hire Our HVAC Technicians in Santa Clara, CA

For over the last 25 years, we at AP Systems have installed and repaired hundreds of HVAC systems all over the Santa Clara area. We take pride in our experience and workmanship and we try to better ourselves with each HVAC job we perform for our customers. When you hire Air and Plumbing Systems to provide any HVAC related service, you are not only hiring over 25 years of experience, you’re also hiring seasoned professionals that will provide you with cost-effective materials, ensuring that your investment lasts as long as possible.

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